• experience the beach      

            in your own garden

  •       unique


  •      individual


  •  private

        wellness experience

  • natural                 


  •               tried and tested 

    water purification       

  • innovative              


Swiss SPA-Pool – a beach experience at home

Unique in shape and design, a Swiss SPA-Pool gives the feeling of being on holiday in your own garden. An inviting beach, cosy underwater loungers and a variety of wellness elements characterise the innovative pool system. Always designed according to personal wishes, a Swiss SPA-Pool is perfectly attuned to the surroundings.

It gains its natural charm from precisely placed boulders and an unusual construction, including covering made of natural stone granules. With its variety of colours, the resulting water environment is reminiscent of either superb beaches or deep green alpine lakes.

A Swiss SPA-Pool promises pure enjoyment thanks to having all the water treatment advantages of a traditional pool combined with the elegant look of a natural body of water.

Events – den Swiss SPA-Pool live erleben!

Lassen Sie sich vom Pool-Profi an einer Messe beraten. Besuchen Sie einen Anlass im Show-Garten des Pool-Bauers in Ihrer Nähe. Oder montieren Sie Bikini/Badehose und springen gleich selbst in einen der Swiss SPA-Pools an einem Bade-Event. Folgend sehen Sie die drei nächsten Swiss SPA-Pool-Anlässe.

mehr Events

date event exhibiting partner
27. – 28. April 2019 Frühlingserlebnis in der Gartenarena Erni Gartenbau + Planung AG
1. May 2019 Swiss SPA-Pool Besichtigung Meier Gartenbau AG
4. – 5. May 2019 Open Days Kaderli AG Gartenbau


Das Neuste aus der Welt der Swiss SPA-Pools

16. April 2019

Der Hingucker des Frühlingsfest 2019

Am vorletzten Wochenende fand im Schaugarten im Aathal bei Wetzikon das jährliche Frühlingsfest statt. Die Gartenvilla ist der Schaugarten der Firmen egli jona ag, PARC’S Gartengestaltung, Amadeo Ambiente …


21. March 2019

Das WOO® Loft Resort wird um eine Attraktion reicher

Aus einer nicht mehr genutzten Bäckerei und einer kühnen Idee, etwas Spezielles zu erschaffen, ist das WOO® Loft Resort in Fiesch entstanden. Mit viel Liebe zum Detail wurde aus urbaner Bausubstanz ein …


19. March 2019

Frühlingsfest 2019

Am diesjährigen Frühlingsfest in unserem Schaugarten dreht sich alles um die Gestaltung eines individuellen Aussenbereichs. Fünf unterschiedliche Pools, verschieden gestaltete Rückzugsorte und eine …


Why a Swiss SPA-Pool?

  • Exclusive in shape and design
  • Customised to requirements
  • Unique beach feeling
  • Private wellness oasis 
  • Tried and tested water treatment
  • Environmentally-compatible building technology 
  • Short construction period 
  • Cost-effective maintenance
    further advantages

This is what Swiss SPA-Pool customers say

  • Vera from Fislisbach

    «For professional reasons, my husband and I are unable to travel as often as we'd like. So we've simply brought our holidays home. The Swiss SPA-Pool is pure relaxation and is therefore a true highlight in our garden.»

  • Philipp from Aarau

    «My family and I have long wanted to have our own pool but our ideas about shape and appearance were very wide-ranging. As the Swiss SPA-Pool could be built precisely according to our wishes, there is finally something for the whole family.»

  • Isabella and Pirmin from Bassersdorf

    «We've been looking for a special pool with that certain something for a long time. The Swiss SPA-Pool fits our taste exactly and gives us a holiday feeling at home.»

  • Mauro from Wittenbach

    «When looking for a suitable pool it was important to me to have something aesthetic to look at in the garden even during the cold season. Now, when I look out my window in winter, I'm delighted to see my own little lake in the garden. It's simply super the way the Swiss SPA-Pool has fitted harmoniously into our landscape.» 

  • Sarah from Meiringen

    «The Swiss SPA-Pool fulfils all the promises of a private wellness experience. The built-in lounger and relaxation areas are simply perfect for winding down after an eventful day, particularly as it has been custom modelled for us.»

  • Michele and Tiziana from Chur

    «With a 1-year old daughter, we placed a great deal of importance on a construction phase that was as short as possible. The Swiss SPA-Pool was just right and enabled us to enjoy the pool in our own garden just as summer was starting. It won us over with its natural appearance, which we find to be in harmony with the surrounding mountain landscape.»