Minimal effort and plenty of enjoyment 

Who does not dream of having a swimming pool at home in the peace and privacy of their own garden area? However, the expense and effort of pool cleaning and maintenance is all too frequently off-putting. The Swiss SPA-Pool distinguishes itself significantly from its competitors here. It stands out due to its very low maintenance requirements.

The technology does the work

The latest pool technology systems are used in a Swiss SPA-Pool. Almost fully automated, they assume the regular tasks. Therefore, owners only have to invest a small amount of time in manual pool cleaning and can devote themselves to enjoying the pool. 

Automatic refill
The water level is checked constantly and it is topped up independently as required.

Automatic overflow
If too much water flows into the pool, for example, if there is an extensive rain shower, the overflow directs the superfluous water into the drainage system. 

Automatic back-washing
This is carried out once a week. The filter system thereby remains clean and the water quality is always at the best level. 

Integrated pH pump
The pH value of the water is automatically controlled with the help off this pump. Therefore, no time-consuming manual pH value measurement is required to keep the water quality consistently high. 

High-performance skimmers are deployed in the Swiss SPA-Pool. Thanks to these, the pool water is kept consistently free of coarse dirt before this can sink to the bottom. Even autumn leaf fall is no problem. The skimmer basket just has to be emptied more often. 

Pool robot
despite all precautions, a certain amount of dirt sinks to the bottom. This is where the pool robot is deployed; it does its rounds of the Swiss SPA-Pool and removes the deposits and dirt particles.

A pool for all seasons

Thanks to the built-in technology, a Swiss SPA-Pool remains filled with water during the cold months too. Much to the joy of the person looking at it, it comes without any unattractive covering shell. Depending on the choice of winter running method, the systems keep the pool at the lowest level of operational readiness, or they allow it to lie dormant until the start of the next season. 

Active hibernation mode
The filter systems remain in operation throughout the winter, but at the lowest level, to save electricity. The water keeps circulating. Even if the water surface should freeze over, the lines are still protected. Consequently, the water values and water quality remain at the customary high level for the upcoming season.

Total hibernation mode
All systems are completely shut down and the water level is lowered. The pool is out of operation. Once spring arrives, the water is completely pumped out and the pool is given a thorough clean. It is only after this that the pool can be refilled and all values correctly set again. 

Every once in a while, for aesthetic reasons, we recommend active hibernation for a Swiss SPA-Pool. Depending on the pool volume it makes sense, however, to completely drain the water in springtime every other year. The pool can then undergo a thorough cleaning and the sprayed resin layer can also be renewed.

Professionals are pleased to help

The relevant specialist can take over any maintenance work that is required for the Swiss SPA-Pool, and will work out an individual care plan - whether this is annual work to prepare it for the winter, or more regular tasks concerning ongoing checks, maintenance and care.