A Swiss SPA-Pool is made

Thanks to innovative and seamless technology, the dream of having your own Swiss SPA-Pool in the garden can become a reality. Explained step by step, the advantages of the procedure shown in the building specification easily become apparent.

The excavation

This first stage lays the foundation for your own beach in your garden. The individual shape of the pool is dug out, the different depths are carefully laid out, and the beaches, underwater lounges and seats are modelled as specified. Thanks to the innovative technology of the Swiss SPA-Pool, no tedious concreting of the swimming pool base is required, which saves a great deal of time in the construction process. The pipes and lines for the filter system are then laid, and the ground is sealed.

The EPDM film

After the ground has been cleared of sharp stones, a non-eroding geotextile is laid down for protection. Then comes the important element used in the technology of a Swiss SPA-Pool - the EPDM film. This environmentally friendly film ensures the water-tightness of the pool. It also demonstrates a high level of elasticity and can be optimally adapted to individual shapes.

The boulders

Once the EPDM file is laid, the selected boulders are placed on it and secured. The large stones give the swimming pool its natural character and an interesting interplay of colours. They also serve as sitting stones, above and below the water, and are therefore also an additional fitted element.

The hydraulics

Special attention should be paid to the technical aspects here. The high-performance skimmer is placed and the necessary feed lines installed. All jets for the hydro-massage, the geysers required and the LED lights are also connected to the technical heart of the pool.

The rough layer

An initial protective net is laid to prepare the rough layer. This net prevents slippage of the rough layer and also protects the EPDM film below it. Only once this net has been placed can the pool builders carefully apply the surface of the swimming pool to the rough layer. This consists of natural quartz granules mixed with non-toxic resins.

The surface layer

Once the first quartz layer has dried out, a second protective net is laid. This increases stability and also protects the second quartz and resin layer from slippage. The swimming pool is now ready for application of the surface layer of natural stone granules, glowing in many colour shades. The surface is thoroughly cleaned after drying, to remove all the loose granules, then it is sealed once again. Only the water is now missing for the prefect holiday experience at home.