News about the Swiss SPA-Pool

There is more and more press coverage, reporting and news about the innovative pool system all the time. A selection of interesting articles has been put together here.

Adverts HEV and GolfSuisse Spring 2018

The new information campaign was launched in spring 2018. In the official magazine of the ASG (Association Suisse de Golf), February 2018 issue, and in the magazine of the Swiss Homeowners Association, the advantages of a Swiss SPA pool were presented.

Aargauer Zeitung November 2017

The Aargauer Zeitung published a concise PR report with an impressive photo in the section «Bauen Wohnen Garten».

Zürichsee-Spiegel May 2017

With large pictures and short text sections, the Zürichsee-Spiegel showed the multifaceted nature of a Swiss SPA-Pool.

Seemärt Spring 2017

In order to convey the bathing fun and wellness feeling of a Swiss SPA pool as authentically as possible, a double page was used at Seemärt under the motto «My garden – my pool».

Zürichsee Zeitung Spring 2017

The new pool technology was made known by means of advertising text and atmospheric images in the Zürichsee Zeitung, among others.