A swimming pool that is free in shape and appearance

Every Swiss SPA-Pool is created according to your own ideas and needs and merges in harmoniously with the surrounding landscape. The shape and contouring can be designed as you wish; the surface consists of sand and natural stone in a the most diverse colours and grain size. Boulders are placed as sitting stones or for decoration, underwater areas are modelled to include loungers – the variety of design options leaves nothing to be desired.

An oasis of relaxation

Swiss SPA-Pools are designed completely in keeping with personal tastes. Tailored relaxation areas alternate with any size of swimming area. Flat draining beaches tempt you to linger awhile, along with the naturally designed underwater loungers. A variety of wellness elements such as whirlpool jets, hydromassage areas and water features complete the private holiday experience at home in your own garden.

Sustainable innovation

A Swiss SPA-Pool is convincing due to its extremely innovative technology. Thanks to the natural stone covering and distinctive flat water areas, these pools heat up by themselves – up to four degrees higher than a classic swimming pool of the same size. The number of bathing days is therefore noticeably extended. The materials used justify having a Swiss SPA-Pool. These do not contain any environmental pollutants or heavy metals, and they barely emit any harmful substances into the environment.

Seasonal change

With the Swiss SPA-Pool, the water stays in the pool all year round. If the temperatures drop too low for enjoyable bathing, the pool still remains an attractive feature. For with its natural appearance, this swimming pool assumes the characteristics of a natural lake in the cold months, and fits in with the seasonal changes in the garden. The filter systems used ensure straightforward operation all year round, and they withstand autumn leaf fall as well as frost and snow.