Customised pool equipment

The pool fitting options are the great advantage of Swiss SPA-Pools. In the visible shore area as well as under water, the pool is designed piece by piece as you wish - just as if it were your own living room.

Wellness and relaxation

The whole range of known wellness elements can be built in. Whirlpool jets, hydromassage, geysers and massage seats can be placed as required. What is unique about the Swiss SPA-Pool on the other hand, is the modelled shore and lounger areas. Sloping sandy beaches, underwater loungers or sitting areas distinguish it from classic pool fittings and give the Swiss SPA-Pool its unique character. One element is particularly exclusive - in its shell construction phase, users can try it out to see how they would like the relaxation areas configured. The loungers can then be modelled accordingly and ergonomically.

Swimming is the clincher!

If an extensive swimming area is required, more space can be factored in for the deep water area. A counter-current system can even be built in - whether this is for a convivial swimming session or training for the next competition.

Atmospheric pool environment

Besides the wellness areas, a great deal of importance is placed on aesthetics when equipping a Swiss SPA-Pool. Carefully selected LED lights ensure a good atmosphere and fantastic ambience in and around the pool. Rock fountains and boulders give the swimming pool its natural appearance. Even a waterfall or water slide can be fitted seamlessly into the overall picture by the specialist planners.

Extended bathing season

A Swiss SPA-Pool benefits from natural water heating thanks to the natural stone covering and distinctive flat water areas. The number of bathing days is noticeably increased by this feature alone. If that is not enough, the Swiss SPA-Pool can also be fitted with classic pool heating. However, the pool will then require covering; due to the individual shaping, a protective shell or custom-built roll covering will then be necessary.