Innovative technology

The technology applied is what gives a Swiss SPA-Pool its uniqueness. An innovative procedure for constructing the swimming pool gives it its characteristic look. The ecological materials are also impressive thanks to their excellent balance in terms of environmental compatibility. The sealing film as well as the visible natural stone covering are particularly sustainable.

Ground stability

A traditional rectangular swimming pool puts a strain on the ground below it. The immense forces of the water filling it creates high pressure, which requires the appropriate structural support. A Swiss SPA-Pool does not require any supporting concrete walls. For thanks to the sloping shore areas, there is an incline of only 10° to a maximum of 50°. Due to the characteristic flat water areas, such a pool also contains a smaller volume of water which again, weighs less than the excavated earth removed.

Choice of sustainable material

A Swiss SPA-Pool is the pioneer of swimming pool types in matters of environmental compatibility. The sealing film, which is in direct contact with the ground, consists of EPDM. This is a synthetic, elastic polymer that is chemically stable and completely inert. It demonstrates unbeatable resistance to ultraviolet rays, external temperatures and chemicals.
Also, it does not contain any environmental pollutants or heavy metals, and does not emit harmful substances into the environment.

Natural water heating

The covering, made of natural stone and sand, gives the Swiss SPA-Pool its unique natural appearance. The characteristic flat water areas are also the hallmark of the pool system. A quite special advantage arises thanks to both these factors - the natural water heating. The large water surface and the flat shore areas mean that a great deal of heat from the sun finds its way into the natural stone covering. The stone serves as a natural storage facility and heats the water up to 4° warmer than in a traditional pool of the same size. The Swiss SPA-Pool owner therefore benefits from an extended pool season with more bathing days in pleasantly warm water.

Proven water treatment

A number of water treatments can be incorporated into swimming pool technology. The Swiss SPA-Pool deploys well-known and reliable methods such as chlorine and Himalayan salt. Water disinfection using salt electrolytes is the preferred method of Swiss SPA-Pool specialists. Its use creates pleasantly soft water for the swimming pool. Another advantage is its very good skin compatibility due to the lasting and consistent water quality without chlorine having to be measured in manually.

Built with organic design technology

The Swiss SPA-Pool is based on organic design. This patented environmentally compatible technology has been developed thanks to many years of research and experience in specialist pool construction.